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From London :


Hi Henri, Thank you again for the tour you delivered, everyone was very happy with your selection of towns and chateaus. Please let me know if and where I can leave you a review.

From San Francisco, USA:


Tamara and her family are dear friends.  I did mention this before. They are set with dates and have found this place, which I hope will be a nice and quiet resting place for their visit.

I am hoping you all will have time to see each other socially and also they are still hoping for a tour Henri.

Anyway, enjoy!  Hugs, 

From Texas, USA:


Thanks again for the excellent tour of the Airbus facility and of Toulouse in general.  Is there a website where I could post a review? 

-Benjamin G. Wells

From Puerto-Rico:


Hi Henri,

Thank you very much for everything yesterday. The trip was great. Ill be posting in trip advisor very soon.

Also can you get me the name of the sommelier from Fronton? The first winery. That was great. 


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From: former US Air Force and Navy pilots, USA


Dear Henri,We all had a great day in Toulouse with you. Especially the pilots. Thank you for taking the extra time to show us the old area. Such a young and vibrant city. We will be sure to go on trip advisor and give you high marks. As I told you, you definitely exceeded our expectations. 

Thank you,


From: Sydney, Australia:


Des aliments incroyables, des vins exquis et un bon guide

Henri, notre guide a fourni une expérience remarquable. Cela aide d'avoir des instructions en anglais. La nourriture et le vin que nous avons eu, étant australien, je ne l'ai jamais rencontré auparavant et dans un restaurant qui devait être l'un des délices les plus cachés du sud de la France.
Henri était un guide très utile avec des anecdotes que seul un Toulousain peut donner. Mon expérience du musée de l'aviation et mes voyages à Toulouse m'ont fait comprendre que j'étais dans une ville non seulement avant-gardiste en matière de technologie, mais aussi perdue dans le temps. Merci d'avoir fait de ce voyage une excursion plus amusante qu'un tour.


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