Tours around Toulouse and Occitania

Tour 1 : Are you a history lover? 



Sign up for the historic tour to discover the old city of Toulouse. Find out why people from Northern and Eastern Europe, since 400 bc. chose this region to put down roots- consequently shaping the history of the “Occitania” region and engendering a people resilient to disaster. Discover how Toulouse housed the first democratically elected Parliament : The Capitouls 1147, the very first literature society - the troubadours and founded the very first true capitalist company in the modern world of finance and trade in...1190 -"Les Moulins du Bazacle". Cab and walking tours will make you revive centuries of wealth and conflicts.

Tour 2 : Are you Interested in Aicraft?




Take the Aircraft tour and discover Toulouseʼs aircraft manufacturing industry that dates back to the 1890s. Find out why Toulouse is known as the birthplace of the innovative industry of the aircraft from the seaplanes in 1914 to Ramjets and the Concord? Visit the historic Montaudran airfield, where the first regular airline service in the world was founded- "Ligne Latecoere - Aeropostale", a famous pilot Antoine de  Saint Exupéry was part of this stunning adventure. Starting from Toulouse to North Africa, Western Africa, then South America and more.

Tour 3 : Occitanie Wine Route - Full Day


This full day Occitania Wine Route will take you to the South-East/ North and north-east of Toulouse to the Corbieres domains , Fronton, Villaudric and Gaillac vineyards, which are among the oldest in France. Our visit will include a lunch with wine pairing. This Tour is aimed for wines amateurs and/or professionals and will allow visitors to discover in a single day, the eight main wine domains around Toulouse.

Local Lunch with local wine pairing is also included in some stunning medieval place. Come and discover one of the first and oldest wine domains in Europe, thanks to intensive trading along the Mediterranean coast with the Phoenicians, Romans, greeks and Middle-East merchants as early as 400 years BC. Many of the Vine plants were also imported later on by Templars and crusaders on return from the Middle-east and Lebanese wine domains (Ex. Phoenicia) then by the Counts of Toulouse, of Provence and Tripoli(Lebanon) who conquered these domains during the first crusades. .

Tour 4 : The “Occitan Gourmet” experience




Toulouse and its Occitania region are renowned for cultivating the art of « Good Living » and « Good Eating ».
Share a day with a true Toulousian chef. Start the day by acoompanying him whilst he chooses his products at the local market. Then, under his guidance, prepare a typical Toulousian "Brunch" or "luncheon" only to share your hard work together accompanied by regional wines pairing of his choice.

Tour 5 : Tours of the medieval bastides 

From the C11th the Counts of Toulouse encouraged villages ("Ville Nouvelle" or Bastide in Occitan) to be built on hilltops. In return the
Counts of Toulouse removed most of Taxes and church duties they had to pay in the past. An innovative strategy for their vassals to safeguarda
realm that had become more wealthy and powerful at that time than the kingdom of France itself.
Discover the story of a few of these villages perched high up on hlltops, standing impenetrable throughout the centuries.

Tour 6 : Albi The Cathar

Albi is the largest Cathedral in the world constructed solely out of brick. Built in the C13th its aim was to impress the faithful and to threaten the Cathar sect that had been under siege by the Catholic Church since the C10th. Come discover this architectural masterpiece resplendent in its grandeur of Toulousian red. Toulouse Lautrec, renowned for his ability to recreate the ambiance of C19th Paris, reproduced on canvas with his impressive realism, each and every subject that crossed his path. A visit to the museum of Toulouse Lautrec will take you back to the flamboyance and extravagance of the Paris of the past, to an extent no other artist is able. The Tour ends in a memorable visit to a medieval village perched high on a hilltop - a Cathar Bastide.


Tour 7 : The Cathars Tracks



From the C10th our region was the seat, of the popular « pseudo Christian sect » known as the " Cathars". Their beliefs sprung from a reaction to the authoritarianism and materialism inherent at that time in the residing Catholic Church. The Cathars based their belief on avoidance of violence, material possessions and charity to those unfortunate. Discover the era of these tragic "Bonhommes", so called by the people and their gruesome destiny with the Catholic Inquisition. Abolition of this sect. Was it because of the intolerance of the Catholic Church of the day or its manipulation by an avarice King of France and his desire to control the wealth and lands of the powerful South? If the Cathars had not been in favour of the Counts of Toulouse perhaps this sect may have remained to this day? The Tour proposed is aimed to better understand their tragic destiny and visit places and remains like hilltop castle ruins and «Bastides».

Tour 8 : Southern Toulouse Wine route: Minervois, Cabardès, Saint Chinian, Maury, Limoux and Faugeres Domains


The vines of the southwestern region of Toulouse are one of the oldest In France. These vineyards, are ideally situated in Roman and Greek Mediterranean ports of Narbonne, Agde and Toulouse. As such they were first planted from vines imported from the C3rd BC by Middle¬East and Mediterranean merchants, and later on, Templar's returning from the crusades.

Local Lunch with local wine pairing is a/so included in some stunning medieval place. Discover and taste the 6 x various wine domains in a region including the rich silty and lime stones plains of Minervois and Cabardès but also the slaty grounds from the mountains slopes of Saint Chinian and Maury, as well  as the stony grounds of Faugeres. Discover not only the regions wines but its many medieval inaccessible strongholds now Cathar ruins, its ancient Abbayes and stunning mountains.

Tour 9 : Northern Toulouse Wine Route

The region includes vineyards that are among the oldest in France. High/y prized amongst the Romans themselves for their rich fruits flavours.

Discover the world's unique Vine plant: "Négrette" on/y grown in this region and no where in the word. Taste a range of pure and subtly assembled "Negrette" wines from the "FRONTON domains and enjoy strolling among the unique vines of the Gaillac domains : Mauzac and Loin de /'oeil producing rich flavoured sweet, dry and sparkling white wines.

These vineyards had one thing in common. For centuries ail were excluded from being marketed by the Bordelaises, anxious to preserve their trade links with the north of Europe and French overseas territories. The region is a true ampelographic museum of an ancien realm. Sorne varieties have been known to have been cultivated before Roman civilisation.

Tour 10 : Bleu Pastel

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Tour 11 : Canal Du Midi

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Tour 12 : Occitania

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Tour 13 : Toulouse Gastronomic

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Tour 14 : Toulouse shopping

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Tour 15 : Toulouse Historic

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Tour 16 : Toulouse street strolling

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